Cookabags – The Flavour Saver

Cookabags from Adelbrook are the latest trend in designer cooking bags for the kitchen! No self respecting housewife would dream of being seen without this latest must have accessory.  Cookabags not only help to keep your oven clean, they also act as flavour savers as  they keep all the juices from the meat or chicken […]

We’re looking for Product Reviewers to Guest Post on Our Blog

Adelbrook is a giftware and Homeware retailer, selling around 2,000 lines at any moment in time. Over the course of 2014, we’re wanting to grow our business and increase the number of lines we sell by several thousand. We’re looking for reviewers and bloggers to write accurate reviews of our products. Simply send us an email to […]

My Radio Controlled Clock Isn’t Working

This is a frequent question regarding our ranges of Radio Controlled Clocks… Firstly we would recommend reading our guide to setting up a radio controlled clock and then performing the following steps: Replace the battery with a good quality Alkaline battery, such as Energizer. Please ensure the battery is a new and unused one before inserting into […]

How to Set-up a Radio Controlled Clock

We get asked quite a lot “How do I set-up a Radio Controlled Clock”. The short answer is, it couldn’t be simpler…. Simply insert the battery at 8pm at night and hang your clock on the wall, away from electrical interference and when you wake up in the morning, your clock will be set to the […]