Thanks to the People of Scotland, But What Next?

This morning, we were greeted with the momentous news Scotland would like to stay within the United Kingdom. Here at Adelbrook, we’re so pleased to hear that you wouldn’t believe. With the Prime Minister this morning re-stating his position that Scotland will receive more powers, the question remains – How practical is it for Westminster to […]

Pink Chilies DaHong Elephant Arrives in Stock

We’ve just taken delivery of a new line from Pink Chillies, going by the name of Da Hong. Da Hong represents fire (with his red and yellow detailing) and its role in regenerating nature. This Plush young elephant is amazingly soft to touch and hold (he’s distracting us from holding Snaedis). The plight of elephants […]

Why we’re stopping using Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)

Here at Adelbrook, we stock around 2,000 lines at anyone moment in time. Like all growing businesses we’re always looking for opportunities to grow further without taking on significant additional costs. Over the last couple of years we have gone 360 degrees in our thinking, various times, considering the benefits of FBA. We’re sure everyone […]

Pendulum Clock Set-up Instructions

On the odd rare occasion, sometimes our suppliers pendulum clocks don’t come with set-up instructions. We’ve written the guide below to help with any set-up queries our customers may have: Pendulum clocks generally come with two different sections (time / pendulum & chime), which work separately. To set the time, simply insert a battery (normally […]