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Everything you ever wanted to know about alarm clocks, wall clocks, pendulum clock, longcase clocks, mantel clocks and miniatures clocks. Including photos and gift ideas.

MSF Radio Controlled Clock Transmitter Unavailable: 2nd – 19th March

We’ve just received this message from the National Physics Laboratory: Please note that the MSF 60 kHz time and frequency signal broadcast from Anthorn Radio Station will be off during the day for maintenance work from: Monday 2 March to Thursday 19 March between 08:00 UTC and 18:00 UTC – service off-air each day (but […]

Discount Homeware and Giftware

As you’re aware, at Adelbrook we try and offer you the best prices on giftware and homeware all year round. We’re not one of those¬†gimmicky “daily deals” sites that sells “premium” products for “low prices” for a “short period of time”; we offer the best prices day in and day out. Don’t get dragged into […]

Pendulum Clock Set-up Instructions

On the odd rare occasion, sometimes our suppliers pendulum clocks don’t come with set-up instructions. We’ve written the guide below to help with any set-up queries our customers may have: Pendulum clocks generally come with two different sections (time / pendulum & chime), which work separately. To set the time, simply insert a battery (normally […]