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First Holy Communion Gifts

Wow, we’re seeing a lot of demand for our range of First Holy Communion gifts this year. So much so, we’re almost out of stock of most of our range. This got us thinking, what exactly is the First Holy Communion and why do schools in particular want to buy such a gift for their […]

Pendulum Clock Set-up Instructions

On the odd rare occasion, sometimes our suppliers pendulum clocks don’t come with set-up instructions. We’ve written the guide below to help with any set-up queries our customers may have: Pendulum clocks generally come with two different sections (time / pendulum & chime), which work separately. To set the time, simply insert a battery (normally […]

Cookabags – The Flavour Saver

Cookabags from Adelbrook are the latest trend in designer cooking bags for the kitchen! No self respecting housewife would dream of being seen without this latest must have accessory.  Cookabags not only help to keep your oven clean, they also act as flavour savers as  they keep all the juices from the meat or chicken […]