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Maturi Food Storage Containers (Tupperware)

So, Tupperware… We know and love Tupperware, but we at Adelbrook Towers never quite realised it was a brand name; like “Hoover” is to the humble vacuum cleaners. So all the way through this blog post, I’m going to be struggling not to write “Tupperware”, because the new food storage containers, aren’t actually Tupperware. In […]

First Holy Communion Gifts

Wow, we’re seeing a lot of demand for our range of First Holy Communion gifts this year. So much so, we’re almost out of stock of most of our range. This got us thinking, what exactly is the First Holy Communion and why do schools in particular want to buy such a gift for their […]

Discount Photo Frames

We simply adore photo frames… They contain, show and suggest images that remind you of great times and loved ones. A frame is in essence a memory container. How we exhibit and enjoy those images is a matter of choice. We stock hundreds of photo frames in aluminium, silver plate, wood and a variety of other […]

Shudehill Giftware Shabby Chic Homeware

Shabby Chic. Love it or hate it, it’s been around for a while now and people can’t get enough of it. Shudehill Giftware recently launched a range of giftable homeware accessories, under the “Provence” brand. When I think of Provence, I think of Lavendar (probably after A Year in Provence / Toujours Provence) and this […]