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We thought we would provide you some feedback, seen as you chose to provide us feedback on eBay.

We ask customers to return faulty products to us, for a variety of reasons; from quality control, to returns management, to cash flow management. As a company Director yourself, we’re fairly confident you should understand this. Perhaps you’ve been having a bad day for the last three months sending them same repeat message. We simply can’t just give people money for nothing, that’s not how business works – surely you know that? We have to get the products back, so we can return them to our supplier and so we can see how our packaging can be improved.

Anyhow, your contact ramblings have been very tiresome, so we won’t continue. This post is going to stay online to act as a warning to any potential employer just what a challenging, idiotic, unsympathetic SOB you really are. Have a happy life.

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Calling the US of A Wed, 20 Apr 2016 09:17:47 +0000 We’re pleased to announce, after some time where our website would’t accept orders from the US, it has now been resolved. We’re ready and waiting to receive orders from the US of A.

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The Delights of Selling Online and Customer Service Wed, 17 Feb 2016 07:46:03 +0000 Here at Adelbrook, we lovingly refer to the building we work in as Adelbrook Towers… In actual fact it’s a very old mill style building, that’s falling apart around the seams. We chose it, simply because it’s a cheap large building.

Our business being exceptionally price competitative means a cheap building works for us. If it was more modern for its size we would pay significantly more. Every day we turn up like a little army to orders waiting to be shipped, not just in the UK, but around Europe and Worldwide.

As you may expect, being a small busines we make the odd mistake and do what we can to resolve it. We go out of our way to try and resolve customer queries in the best way we can with limited inconvenience for the customer.

Every so so often we get requests from customers asking us to go the extra mile, or more specifically the customer wanting special treatment,  resulting in us being asked to do something that we’re physically not able to do. We try where we can to help with most situations, but in life there’s always someone who wants more – we all know them, we see them and if they’re friends or family we sometimes get embarrassed by them. The company is owned by two people who have a high moral fibre, they simply want to be both treated fairly and treat others fairly. Fair of course can be somewhat subjective, depending on your perspective. At Adelbrook, we always ask ourselves the question, “what would we expect”, which is the only barometer of fairness we can offer.

Over the last couple of days, we’ve had a couple of those requests from customers who have bought from us, via another large website. We have responded to those customers telling them we can’t help for avariety of reasons. Those customers have seen fit to ask the other website to investigate us and the other website agreed with our actions. You may think the situation would be over… It wasn’t. The customer then decided to leave messages on our Facebook page with bare faced lies to try and inform others of their “feedback”. As the feedback was inaccurate, we deleted it.

The saga continued and the customer informed us they would then be contacting Trading Standards and Martin Lewis.

So you may be wondering what heinous crime we committed to endure fairly constant communications with this customer over the last week – they bought a bracelet and the charm got lost after THREE months of use. For the guys, a charm is a small piece of additional jewellery that connects to a bracelet and is meant to be removable and interchangeable.

Now going back to the question of moral fabric, do you think it is fair and reasonable to refund the cost of a whole bracelet because the customer lost a charm? Whilst we’re sympathetic, it’s not really fair to refund everything.

This leaves just one thing to say, you’ve read our “how we started” post, you’ll know we started with £300 and have built the business up slowly by reinvesting the profits. We aren’t the size of a supermarket or any other large high street retailer, who will take any product back for any reason and charge their supplier a customer service fee. We’re more around the size of your local corner shop. When we take back products, it costs us. So, to use another company piece of guidance would you refund someone that money from your own pocket? We we couldn’t. It is simply something that happens when charms are lost.

So for the princely sum of £16, please stop hassling us and move on with your life. Please learn to be more careful, which ultimately is the real lesson here.


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Poo-Pourri – Your Christmas Secret Santa Gift Wed, 11 Nov 2015 08:46:47 +0000 Poo-Pourri, the before you go toilet air freshner, is an ideal Secret Santa Christmas gift for your colleagues. It’s funny, smells great and above all – it really works! We’ve been stocking Poo-Pourri since it was first launched on the UK market and we’ve received amazingly positive reviews – better than iPhone 5!

Our pricing is the best anywhere online and for Christmas, we’re offering an additional ten percent off. Simply enter Poo at the checkout to receive your discount. Also don’t worry, your package will be delivered in plain packaging, so no one will ever know you’re buying Poo-Pourri. With free delivery on all orders over £10, how could you argue?

Consider Poo Pourri for your Secret Santa

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Maturi Food Storage Containers (Tupperware) Tue, 09 Jun 2015 10:09:00 +0000 So, Tupperware… We know and love Tupperware, but we at Adelbrook Towers never quite realised it was a brand name; like “Hoover” is to the humble vacuum cleaners. So all the way through this blog post, I’m going to be struggling not to write “Tupperware”, because the new food storage containers, aren’t actually Tupperware.

In our desire to offer you our very best prices, we’ve made a quantity purchase of some of the best food storage containers we’ve found on the market. We’ve even compared them to Lock and Lock and Sistema, who are the widest and most distributed brand of Food Storage Containers and found the quality to be equally as good, if not slightly better; which just goes to show quality really doesn’t cost as much as you’d think.

The containers are 100% airtight, suitable for use in the freezer and microwave. A set of five for only £10, delivered straight to your door – how could you argue?

Quality Tupperware at Discount Prices

Heavily discounted, but offering the same quality as Sistema or Lock and Lock

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First Holy Communion Gifts Wed, 03 Jun 2015 08:06:11 +0000 Wow, we’re seeing a lot of demand for our range of First Holy Communion gifts this year. So much so, we’re almost out of stock of most of our range. This got us thinking, what exactly is the First Holy Communion and why do schools in particular want to buy such a gift for their pupils?

So with Wikipedia being the defacto research tool for pretty much everything we decided to have a look there first. Wikipedia informs us as such:

The First Communion, or First Holy Communion, is a Christian ceremony held in the Latin Church tradition of the Catholic Church, as well as in many parts of the Lutheran Church and Anglican Communion, although other parts of these denominations traditionally allow reception of Holy Communion after Confirmation.[1]

First Communion is the colloquial name for a person’s first reception of the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, and in these Christian churches, occurs typically at age seven to twelve when separated from Confirmation, depending on national custom.

So there you have it, schools in particular are looking for gifts to celebrate a childs first reception of the sacrament of the Eucharist. What a beautiful gift for a parent to receive.

Being a specialist gift retailer, we have a number of gifts for the First Holy Communion and other religious events in our Religious Gifts Category – why not stop by for a look?

An ideal gift to celebrate a first holy communion

An ideal gift to celebrate a first holy communion


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Fathers Day – What to Buy Him? Gift Ideas Wed, 13 May 2015 09:21:56 +0000 Okay, we know your challenge; what do you buy the guy, on behalf of your kids, that has everything? Something he will appreciate that is both stylish and classy, but not cheap and tacky? It’s a quandary we’ve been trying to come up with an answer to. Men’s gifts are one of the hardest things to buy, both for you and us! After all, our role is to come up with some inspirational ideas.

Sadly, we’re not in the market of private jets, or radio controlled jets, so we can’t suggest something he would like to play with (do men ever grow up?).

Cufflink Box

A gorgeous bonded leather cufflink box

Sadly, out of the thousands of products we sell, there’s actually very few specifically male gift ideas in our entire collection. We do sell cufflinks, cufflink holders,  Poo Pourri, His Lordship Mugs (can a man ever be the King of the Castle?) and a number of sentiment photo frames.

We’ve done all we can to populate our Father’s Day Gift Ideas category on our websites and we will be looking for more innovative ideas through the remainder of this year. Please do let us know if there’s anything else you think we should be stocking.


Cufflinks for Fathers' Day

Men’s Cufflinks, the Ideal Father’s Day Gift Idea

Why not have a look and save some money over the gifts you see on the high street by buying from Adelbrook, your home for quality homeware and giftware at discount prices and free delivery on all orders over £10. Remember Father’s Day is on June 21st 2015.

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Hello HRH Princess Charlotte Wed, 06 May 2015 08:54:21 +0000 The HRH Princess Charlotte picture before it was Photoshopped LOL

The Charlotte Elizabeth Picture Before it was Photoshopped

The Charlotte Elizabeth Picture Before it was Photoshopped

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Worldwide Shipping Now Available Tue, 05 May 2015 14:58:38 +0000 We’re pleased to announce we’re offering global shipping through our website. This is especially good new for customers in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand who have frequently requested this option and up until now, we have been unable to offer.

We’re also pleased to announce, we have reduced our European shipping rates, meaning our customers throughout Europe continue enjoying significant savings against the high street price.

If you enjoy significant savings on your homeware and giftware, visit to start saving.

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Costume Jewellery and Sentiment Jewellery Tue, 05 May 2015 14:27:48 +0000 We’re forever expanding our range of jewellery because we have a thing for bright and shiny lovely things. We don’t see a limit to how far we’re wanting to grow our jewellery selection, so we have broken it out into its own category. An entire section of our website entirely devoted to the joys of jewellery.

We’re going to continue adding more and more lines and expect to have around one thousand different pieces listed by the end of May. That’s a selection and a half! We offer the very best pricing on jewellery anywhere online, so why not take a look? Remember, we offer free delivery on orders placed over £10.

Why not select a piece to go with your new outfit? Give a beautiful gift to a loved one? The choices are endless.

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