Maturi Food Storage Containers (Tupperware)

So, Tupperware… We know and love Tupperware, but we at Adelbrook Towers never quite realised it was a brand name; like “Hoover” is to the humble vacuum cleaners. So all the way through this blog post, I’m going to be struggling not to write “Tupperware”, because the new food storage containers, aren’t actually Tupperware.

In our desire to offer you our very best prices, we’ve made a quantity purchase of some of the best food storage containers we’ve found on the market. We’ve even compared them to Lock and Lock and Sistema, who are the widest and most distributed brand of Food Storage Containers and found the quality to be equally as good, if not slightly better; which just goes to show quality really doesn’t cost as much as you’d think.

The containers are 100% airtight, suitable for use in the freezer and microwave. A set of five for only £10, delivered straight to your door – how could you argue?

Quality Tupperware at Discount Prices

Heavily discounted, but offering the same quality as Sistema or Lock and Lock