Discount Photo Frames

We simply adore photo frames… They contain, show and suggest images that remind you of great times and loved ones. A frame is in essence a memory container. How we exhibit and enjoy those images is a matter of choice.

We stock hundreds of photo frames in aluminium, silver plate, wood and a variety of other options. We select each and every frame, based upon its own merit. Over time, a simple timeless look and feel has given way to message frames extolling a sentiment or two – after all, we all want to feel warm when we see an image coupled with some beautiful text. If we’re framing a memory, we need to feel the love and warmth from the frame exhibiting the photo.

As you consider the frame, consider if it’s for you or a recipient. If it’s for a recipient, why not consider a sentiment message frame? We have frames for Birthdays, anniversaries, friends, parents, mum, dad, nan, grandma, nanna, brother, sister, BFF and many many more options.

Here’s a brief selection of choices to get your thoughts going. Remember, we heavily discount all of our photo frames, so your gifts don’t have to be as expensive as you’d think.

Mum Photo Frame

A beautiful photo frame for your mother

Friends Photo Frame

Friends are the family we choose photo frame 4″ x 6″

Daughter Photo Frame

Shabby Chic Daughter Photo Frame with Heart

Double Sided Silver Plated Photo Frame

Double Sided Silver Plated Photo Frame in Various sizes

Triple Photo Frame

Triple Sided Silver Plated Photo Frame in Various Sizes

6 x 4 Silver Plated Photo Frame

Silver Plated Photo Frame in Various Sizes

Shudehill Giftware Shabby Chic Homeware

Shabby Chic. Love it or hate it, it’s been around for a while now and people can’t get enough of it.

Shudehill Giftware recently launched a range of giftable homeware accessories, under the “Provence” brand. When I think of Provence, I think of Lavendar (probably after A Year in Provence / Toujours Provence) and this range is available in both blue and also natural wood. Each piece has a beautiful heart, which screams “I’m thinking of you”.

The feedback we’re getting from our customers is second to none. What do you think?

Provence Shabby Chic Gift Collection

Click on the image above to see more of our range

London Clock Company Range of Clocks

We’ve been one of London Clock Companies largest stockists of wall clocks, alarm clocks, mantel clocks and pendulum clocks for almost five years and we keep getting asked for more of their range than ever before. These requests got us thinking, what is it about a brand first established in the city of London in 1922 that still resonates with people today?

London Clock Company redefined their style a number of years ago and see themselves as a design company. They design clocks with a classic simplicity and clear design style; incorporating contemporaery and more classic clock designs. Their range also appeals to a cross section of society from children to senior citizens.

Children's Learn the Time Clock

A unique clock to help children learn the time.

The other big selling point to their ever enduring ability to deliver a beautiful clock collection is their determined approach to quality. Put simply, their clocks don’t fail. Using their skills in product design and development they have produced their own unique clock movement – look out for a London Clock Company movement in your next timepieces.

Whilst you’re unlikely to find a London Clock Company product in a discount store being sold for a pound, you will find their products in quality shops up and down the land. At Adelbrook, we continue to support the London Clock Company brand and look forward to showing their 2016 collection and beyond. We hope you like our selection of their range, we’re going to continue adding more and more products, so keep checking back for more quality clock designs.

Mantel Clock from London Clock Company

A beautiful mantel clock from London Clock Company

London Clock Company Alarm Clock

A quality alarm clock from London Clock Company

London Clock Company Pendulum Clock

A quality designer pendulum clock from the London Clock Company

Discount Extra Large 60 cm / 24 inch Vintage Style Wall Clocks

We keep getting asked to stock some very large cheap wall clocks, as most available on the market are very expensive. We’re pleased to say we have been able to source a 60cm / 24 inch extra large wall clock in two styles, which take on the idea of a vintage looking clock. After some negotiation with the supplier we are able to offer these at a knocked down price of £11. They are available on other major sites, priced at almost £30, so it gives you some indication of the quality for the money. They’re absolutely massive, so you’ll need a big free wall to hang one of these from :-) – Simply click on the clock image below:


Why not let us know what you think in the box below?

Summer, New Products and Search Engine Optimisation

Dear reader,

As you are probably aware, our business is about finding really good products, putting them on our website and our wonderful customers selecting the right product for them. We strive to offer REALLY good pricing, free delivery on all orders over £10 to make purchasing from us as easy and simple as possible. We’ve always felt the world would find our site, see our great products and place orders. It has become more and more apparent over the years, that our marketing techniques just haven’t got the message out enough – despite trying various things, such as Facebook, flyer marketing and a number of other marketing tools. We’re really confident we have a great product offering, a lovely range of products and our after service is second to none. We do realise there’s more to do in terms of overall product selection, but that’s an ongoing tasks – every week we bring in hundreds of new products for you to enjoy.

So, with that in mind, we set-up the task of seeing how a search engine like Google finds our site, indexes our site and shows our site to new potential customers. Content is king, so the saying goes. Write amazing articles, show the world how great your products are and Google will send you more visitors. Well dear reader, this is article 347, so I guess I have a lot more writing to do, to attract the wonderful support of Google.

This morning, I set about the task of understanding the granular meanings of our website and comparing that to some of our competitors. I found we do some things which makes sense to a visitor, but doesn’t entirely make sense to young Master Google. I’ve put in some adjustments, to see if we can attract the eye! Let’s wait and see. I hope the investment in time looking at the inner workings of Google bears fruit, even if it doesn’t necessarily help our customers. Anyhow, I have a few more adjustments to make. Look out for us at the top of Page 1 very soon!

As we move into Spring, we’re going to be bringing in hundreds more new lines. This week already we’ve brought in some amazing cushions and more jewellery. Enjoy some of the pictures below:



Sending Your Love with Jewellery

Most ladies, both young and old, love to receive a piece of jewellery as a gift but in addition to being beautiful and classy, jewellery can also convey a message.  Whether to celebrate an event such as a special birthday or a christening or just to tell someone how much you love them, jewellery lasts longer than flowers or chocolates and can be enjoyed for years to come.

Christening Pearl Bracelet

Celebrating an event

For the 21st birthday, one of the traditional gifts has been a piece of jewellery and often the motif of a key is used to mark the passage into womanhood.  However, in the modern age, this is less relevant to some so often the key is replaced with a small disc with ‘21’ on it, often accented with diamantes.  This works particularly well on a silver bangle that can be worn by most wrist sizes and coordinates with virtually any outfit.  It also makes a wonderful keepsake for later years to remember the loved one who gave it to them.21st Birthday Gift

Silver has long been associated with Christening presents and was once given to a child as a type of starter fund for when they were older.  Today, we give christening bracelets to children to commemorate the event, often either plain silver or engraved.  Another modern version for little girls is the use of freshwater pearls.  This delicate look is often made even more special by the addition of a small cross, either in silver or with diamantes.

Bangle by Equilibrium with a Diamante Lock

Bangle by Equilibrium with a Diamante Lock

Sending a message

Sending a message with a piece of jewellery is a way of showing someone you care and engraved pieces are a particularly effective way of doing this.  For example, when your sister’s birthday comes around, why not choose a necklace with the message ‘Chance made us sisters, hearts made us friends’ as the perfect way to show her how much she means to you?  Engraved onto a heart shaped pendant on a silver chain, this lovely message can be with her every day.

For your daughter, the message ‘daughter, a little girl who grows up to be a friend’ is a beautiful way to celebrate their birthday or just tell them you love them.  Engraved onto a silver bangle, they can look at this during the day and know you are always with them.

Beautiful Daughter Gift

A Little Girl Who Grows up to be a Friend

In fact, sending a message with jewellery can be used to convey nearly anything.  For a friend leaving for a new job, why not consider a bracelet containing a four-leaf clover?  Added with charms on an adjustable bangle, this makes for a classy piece of jewellery and maybe the luck of the clover will rub off on them in their new venture!  Alternatively a reminder to ‘wish it, dream it, do it’ will spur them on and remind them you are behind them all of the way.


So no matter what message you want to send to someone, there is jewellery that can do the job for you.  And while a card looks lovely on the fireplace, a piece of jewellery can go everywhere with them, reminding them at all times of your love and affection.

For our full range of sentiment message Equilibrium Jewellery, please visit our website and look under the Equilibrium brand.

Stocking hundred of Equilibrium Jewellery pieces, we also stock a full range of earrings

Stocking hundred of Equilibrium Jewellery pieces, we also stock a full range of earrings

Sister Another Word for Best Friend

Sister Another Word for Best Friend

Targeted Print Website Marketing

So last night, I took some time out to produce some more leaflets offering very special discounts on our website. These flyers will be sent to existing customers offering some discounts off their next purchase. Up to now, our flyers have been purely functional, rather than aesthetic in their design. Our customer base is mainly ladies, aged 25-60, so we’ve tried to come up with some designs that appeal to our customer base, they’re going to be less wordy and more visual. As these start to come through your door, please do let us know what you think. Your feedback is always valuable.

We also tried to list some of the benefits by buying from us, which are:

  • FREE delivery on all orders over £10
  • Easy Returns, simply tell us you want to return something to us and we’ll make it as simple as we can for you
  • Industry Beating Prices, we’ll match any online price for the same line, not only match it, but we’ll offer a further 5% off

On top of this, we decided to be a little risque and let people know, we are a UK company, we don’t have any links to Luxembourg, Ireland or any other tax haven; we pay taxes in the UK. We also only employ staff living in the Leeds area of the UK; so there’s no danger of dealing with a call centre in India with us. As people look to buy British and support British businesses, we’re hoping this will resonate with our customers. Not everything needs to be sourced from American behemoths.

If you want to let us know about about the service we provide or ask any questions, please do get in touch. Your feedback is invaluable.

Your Guide to Quality Kitchenware

Anyone with a passion for cooking will inform you how valuable quality kitchenware is in the household. Although to the untrained eye most pots and pans look similar in design, there are a variety of factors to consider which determine the true quality of the kitchen appliance. In the common household, kitchen appliances will be used several times on a daily basis and should definitely have the right feel you are looking for.

Colourful Stockpot in Bright Pink

Selecting the Right Pans

A critical aspect in choosing your pans is the thickness. The thickness of your pans base is essential as it needs to be heavy enough to conduct the heat evenly and avoid burning your foods.

When purchasing your kitchenware and reviewing the feedback left by other cooking enthusiasts, you will see the variation in opinion with regards to the preferred materials. There are a range of options available to you, whether your primary concern is quality or affordability.

Each common kitchenware material boasts its unique qualities and concerns such as coppers reaction with acidic foods, cast irons exceptional head conduction and the responsiveness to heat of anodized aluminium.

One of the more practical concerns with your pan is the handle. Your pan should be both durable and heatproof to ensure your safety in the kitchen regardless of whether it is metal, plastic or wooden. One concern with plastic and wood is that handles may be heatproof, however they are not ovenproof.

When it comes to the lid of your pan, the priority concern is that it is able to fit securely and comfortably in order to retain moisture. The use of a glass lid is often found beneficial as you can see the food cooking inside.

So what is the perfect kitchen pan?

In summary to the points made above, there is no perfect pan for the typical kitchen. Personal preference remains a large factor in selecting your pan, however it is still highly beneficial to make an educated purchase and select something that works for you.

Take a look at some of the high quality pots and pans available at Adelbrook here.

Triply Copper Fry Pan

What About the Rest of my Kitchenware?

Although we have covered pots and pans in a lot of depth, your additional kitchenware and appliances should also be sentenced stand the quality tests. You can learn more about the various attributes that contribute to making high quality kitchenware as well as viewing product ranges by visiting Adelbrook’s kitchen and dining range as well as reading our blog.

Why is Quality Kitchenware Selection Essential?

The selection of quality kitchenware is not simply a factor of practicality as referenced above with pots and pans. Your kitchen equipment is partially responsible for the outcome of your produced food, the flavour, nutritional content, consistency and health factor.

How can your kitchenware possibly effect the quality of your food? A simple example of this would be to consider cooking a tomato based recipe, tomatoes are high in acid content and their reaction with your pans can result in metallic tasting food due to the reactivity. Each material reacts differently with food types and various qualities can determine their ability to withstand these issues.

Quality Roasting Tins

Where Can I Purchase Quality Kitchenware?

When purchasing quality kitchenware it is not rocket science to realise you need a store that boasts products of not only quality but also durability and affordability. You need a store like Adelbrook. Passionate and proud about home furniture and appliances and helping customers transform a property into a home. Adelbrook strive to consistently deliver the best products in the home furniture and appliance industry including the latest and greatest kitchenware.

The Adelbrook product ranges are well known for their brand variation, offering clients the potential to purchase their products affordably from leading retailers. Ranging from under £1.00 up to £50.00, their kitchen and dining product range cannot be compared with.

Adelbrook have developed a monopolising client base with strong positive growth correlation through word of mouth and product reviews, receiving phenomenal feedback for their free delivery on all orders exceeding £10.00!

You can learn more about Adelbrook and view our fantastic product range by visiting our website at



Pots and Pans from Adelbrook

Christening Gifts and Their Origins in History

Christening Gift Ideas

The Christening ceremony is a form of baptism that many denominations of the Christian church practice and is a way of welcoming the new child into the world and the community.  It is performed in most cases by an ordained member of the clergy and formally names the child.

Because it is a small baby at the heart of the ceremony, there are two directions that presents tend to go – something that the little one can wear such as a bracelet or bangle or something that can be in their home such as a picture frame.

Christening Pearl Bracelet

Silver gifts

The tradition of giving silver for Christening gifts is as old as the ceremony itself and comes from the time when silver was a form of currency.  By giving silver gifts, it was a small savings fund for the baby for later life and silver formed into decorative items are still popular.  Silver rattles, teethers and utensils are now given as gifts along with eggcups and napkin holders for use in later life.  A solid bangle that can worn when young and kept as a keepsake when older is also popular.

The silver Christening cup is a British tradition with uncertain origins.  One story says it commemorates the ‘silver chalice’ used by Jesus at the Last Supper and shows the baby is an empty soul waiting to be filled with goodness.  The cup is often given by godparents and is used to pour the baptismal waters over the baby’s head.  Alternatively, it is said to come from the tradition of giving the newborn’s parents two cups three days after the baby’s birth and have transformed from china to silver.

Silver spoons

Silver spoons are still a traditional Christening gift and descend from the idea of Apostle Spoons.  In wealthy families of the Tudor period, godparents would give a set of twelve silver spoons to a newborn, each with the image of one of the Apostles on it.  In less well-off families, a set of four were given with St Matthew, Mark, Luke and John on them.  Another idea was to give a single silver spoon with the image of the saint for whom the child had been named embellished on it.  In modern times, we still give a silver spoon for a gift, often engraved with a message or the date of the Christening.

Baby Spoon

Modern gifts

A silver picture frame is a modern twist on the tradition of giving silver for Christening presents and these frames often come with embellishments such as a baby’s dummy or nappy pin.  This allows the parents to add a picture from the Christening at a later date.  More elaborate versions are also now available including tiny carousel shaped frames that contain two or three small picture frames and are usually decorated with pink or blue in addition to silver for a girl or a boy.

Modern Silver Plated Photo Frames


When it comes to Christening gifts, silver is definitely the favoured and traditional gift but isn’t the only suitable present.  For little girls, freshwater pearl bracelets are a modern alternative to the silver bangle and money boxes shaped into any variation of cute characters prove an investment for the child’s future in more ways than one.