Roberto Tejera Of Mitcham London

Hi Robert,

We thought we would provide you some feedback, seen as you chose to provide us feedback on eBay.

We ask customers to return faulty products to us, for a variety of reasons; from quality control, to returns management, to cash flow management. As a company Director yourself, we’re fairly confident you should understand this. Perhaps you’ve been having a bad day for the last three months sending them same repeat message.¬†We simply can’t just give people money for nothing, that’s not how business works – surely you know that? We have to get the products back, so we can return them to our supplier and so we can see how our packaging can be improved.

Anyhow, your contact ramblings have been very tiresome, so we won’t continue. This post is going to stay online to act as a warning to any potential employer just what a challenging, idiotic, unsympathetic SOB you really are. Have a happy life.